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Lift & Leveling Kits

 Lift Kits in Saint Augustine, FL

Nothing gets the blood pumping quite like a lifted truck. When you want to add a unique look to your ride, a lift kit can help do the trick. Lift kits help improve the look and ride of your truck.

If you live in Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Yulee, and surrounding areas of FL,---call us to:

  • Add more ground clearance
  • Enjoy new terrains
  • Improve the ride quality of your vehicle

Call for Lift or Leveling Kits

When you're ready to buy a kit, talk to us first. We’ll explain the differences to you, and help you find the right one for your truck. The State of Florida has restrictions on how high your vehicle can be lifted. Bumpers are required, and their maximum height depends on the weight of your vehicle. Limits are below.

Vehicle GVWR: Under 2,000 2,000-2,999 3,000-5,000 Over 5,000
Max. Bumper Height: Front:24 Inches/Rear 26 Inches Front:27 Inches/Rear 29 Inches Front:28 Inches/Rear 30 Inches Exempt


If you’re not sure what this means, that’s ok. We can walk you through the measurement and help you find the perfect lift kit for your ride. There are 2 different types of lift kits—suspension and body.

Suspension Lift Kits in Jacksonville:

  • Combine shocks, springs, coils, and other suspension kit components to increase ground clearance and performance.
  • Alter steering geometry that may call for additional calibrations during a suspension kit installation service.

Suspension lift kits are perfect for off-road drivers looking for more ground clearance, bigger tires, and better performance capabilities. Suspension kits will also add an aggressive appearance to your truck, Jeep®, or SUV.

Body Lift Kits

Alternately, if you like the look of a lifted vehicle or want to upgrade to larger tires without having to modify your vehicle’s suspension, a body lift kit may be a better option. Body lift kits:

  • Raise the body of your truck, Jeep®, or SUV off the frame.
  • Provide a cost-effective way to alter your vehicle without changing the steering and suspension geometry.

A body lift kit is perfect for aesthetic purposes. While a body lift kit will not enhance your vehicle’s off-roading capabilities, it will increase room for engine, transmission, and other aftermarket performance upgrades.

If you’re not sure the type of lift kit you need for your vehicle, we can help. Our team of friendly professionals will gladly go over all of your options with you to help you find the perfect lift kit for your vehicle, one that will not compromise handling of safety.

We will tell you when a 6” lift fits, or when your vehicle can only accommodate a 2.5” lift, ensuring your vehicle looks its best. Even if you're tempted to go big or go home, we won't let you.

Stop in to Buy a Lift Kit in Jacksonville

Lift Leveling Kits in Jacksonville, FL

When you buy a lift kit for your vehicle, it’s important to know that you may need a leveling kit as well. Leveling kits do just that—they bring the front of your truck level with the back,

Leveling kits also add extra needed space for larger tires or wheels, as well as improving hauling performance.

Leveling Kits in Jacksonville, FL

Leveling kits offer a host of benefits for any truck. Some of these include:

  • Raises the front of the vehicle to the same level as the rear.
  • Leveling kits can improve the towing and hauling capabilities of your car, truck, or SUV.
  • Leveling Kits add extra space to allow for larger wheels and tires.

Whether you just want larger tires, or more ground clearance, we have the lift or leveling kit you’re looking for at C&L Automotive and Truck Accessories. Call us now at (904) 730-4661 now and get back on (or off) the road.

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